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Biography (EN) :Mehmet Ali Akınlar is an associate professor of mathematics at dept. of mathematical engineering in Yildiz Technical University. He completed his M.Sc. degree in McMaster University in 2005 and his M.Sc. thesis was about Frame theory. After studying one year in the department of computing and software in McMaster University, Dr. Akinlar moved to The University of Texas at Arlington to pursue his Ph.D. degree. He completed his Ph.D. in 2009 and his Ph.D. dissertation was regarding mathematical image registration methods. Upon completion of his Ph.D.,  Dr. Akinlar became a post-doctoral research associate at Florida State University (FSU). His mentor was distinguished professor Max Gunzburger. Dr. Akinlar involved in a NSF granted research project entitled geometric image registration methods in FSU.  Dr. Akinlar is an applied mathematician working on the application, analysis and solutions of differential equations including stochastic and fractional order. 
Araştırma Alanları :Applied mathematics and statistics
Research Areas :Fractional order stochastic differential equations Statistics
Current Research Activities :

Fractional order stochastic differential equations


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