Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Yildiz Technical University, Faculty Of Arts & Science, Department Of Statistics, Turkey

Approval Date: 2021

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Aylin Uçan

Supervisor: Doğan Yıldız


The changes in the products or services offered for sale with the developing technology age have increased the competition between businesses. Due to this competition, businesses have begun to wonder about the environment of the market they are in and the consumer. Because businesses that can analyze the environment of the market and the customer well and develop and implement strategies in this direction can make a positive difference in their sales performance and profitability levels. In this direction, "Marketing Research" has become very important for businesses today.

Within the scope of the thesis, first of all, the basic concepts of marketing, marketing research and processes will be discussed. Then, information will be given about multivariate statistical methods in this field and the use of these methods in the field of marketing research. In the application phase of the thesis, using the SPSS program, the data of 2019 at the provincial and product sales level of an enterprise, which has stores in many provinces of Turkey and sells mostly electrical-electronic product groups, and some macro variables at the provincial level from the TUIK website The data set will be made multivariate by adding discriminant and multidimensional scaling analysis. The name of the business will not be disclosed during the study due to confidentiality. With the discriminant analysis, it will be tried to determine how much of the provinces that are grouped according to the sales quantity levels on the basis of product can be explained by macro variables, which variables are more important, and the success rates of classification between groups. With Multidimensional Scaling Analysis, the structure of provinces and products in two-dimensional space will be observed and their similarities and differences will be explained according to their positioning in dimensions. In the conclusion part, some suggestions will be presented about which variables may be caused by the differences observed in the sales volume levels of the enterprise according to the provinces, and determining the strategy for which province or product group can make a difference in the sales performance.