Kırsal Alan Politika Reformları için Gençlik, Gençlik içinGüçlendirilmiş Kırsal Alan

Erişen Y. (Yürütücü)

Erasmus Projesi, 2018 - 2019

  • Proje Türü: Erasmus Projesi
  • Başlama Tarihi: Ağustos 2018
  • Bitiş Tarihi: Nisan 2019

Proje Özeti

Our project came into being when we asked what we can do about incentives and investments that the government has planned for disadvantaged unemployed young people who live in rural areas or wish to return villages from the cities. While we were discussing about how to find solutions to these problems, we considered Erasmus Program. In this regard, we would like to create communication and cooperation network between the children of families living in villages and are engaged in agriculture and livestock and the young people living in Istanbul but wanting to settle in rural areas. In our project, we will apply the following; evaluation of "Youth Farmer Grant Support", discussion of rural and urban youth problems, gathering of policy makers with young people, workshop on examination and development of policy instruments of the European Union, expectations of young people for rural area, psycho-social evaluation activities, dialogues of stakeholders and lobbying, creating a policy that will respond to the needs of young people in the field of ruralurban youth and sharing it with the policy-makers. This project is an opportunity for young people who live in Duzce and have never come to Istanbul. Purposes of the project are creating communication and cooperation network between young people living in rural areas and in big cities, increasing the quality of government support for rural areas, observing the differences between the young people living in the rural area and in the big cities, their problems, their expectations from the government, private sectors and çivil society, informing young people about European opportunities, ensuring that young people living in rural areas are involved in policy making processes, declaring young people as part of the solution by sharing the results with policy makers. 100 young people from Duzce and Cilimli and 47 young people from Istanbul will be included in the project activities. Young people who will be included in the project from Duzce and Cilimli will be selected among the children of the families living in the rural areas. They are planned to be between the ages of 18-25. University students, graduates, or students who have left the school can attend from Istanbul. The announcement for this selection will be made after the approval of the project. The main activities of the project are planned as 5 days. 1st Day - (It takes 3 hours between Duzce and Istanbul.) After setting out in the morning, participants will start the program in the afternoon. In this process, the tests to be prepared by Yıldız Technical University will be distributed to the participants as soon as they set out and when they reached the activity, the entire survey form will be collected. On the first day, we will listen to the brief speeches of the project partners along with the opening speeches. Ice breaker games will be played by young people from Istanbul and Duzce and their expectations to be a team will be listened. The methods will be decided in the direction of the ideas coming from the participants. The program of activities should be flexible according to the interest of participants. 2nd Day - We will take participants to a large saloon. Firstly, we will introduce Erasmus Program, youth opportunities in Turkey and Europe. We will divide participants into small groups. What young people produce in rural areas, the advantages and disadvantages of being in rural areas, the difficulties of living in rural-urban areas, what the youth says to improve living conditions, why rural youth migrate, the marketing problem, and the shortcomings of education planning for  rural areas will be discussed. In the afternoon session all young people will come together at the big saloon and evaluate the results of the discussions in the workshops. 3rd Day - We will increase the entrepreneurship of young people with the presentations made by the officials of the Organic Agriculture Association, Ecological Agriculture Organization Association, Wheat Association, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and shopping malls selling organic products in Turkey. With these assessments, we will open 5 simultaneous workshops for young people to support policy reforms. 4th Day - Free Day - An Istanbul tour will be organized with participants. Participating young people will be included in the intercultural programs scheduled in the evenings in the next 3 days. 5th Day - Evaluation Meeting One of the reasons we take free day on the 4th is to give ourselves time to share the policy document and its results with the participating young people. Project results will be published with appropriate techniques and presented to the public. We think that documents to be submitted to policymakers will have positive effects on short and long term.