Solution Proposals for the Preservation And Rehabilitation of Traditional Flat Earthen Roofs of Kemaliye Houses

Ekşi Akbulut D. (Executive) , Çifci A. , Berilgen S. A. , Korkmaz E. , Yüzer N. , Berilgen M. M.

TUBITAK Project, 2018 - 2021

  • Project Type: TUBITAK Project
  • Begin Date: May 2018
  • End Date: May 2021

Project Abstract

In the scope of this project, rather than the exhausting and frequently required traditional compression technique called ''loğlama'', it is aimed to develop a non-destructive solution technique(s) on a single building scale that reduce(s) the need of regular maintenance to preserve the unique, authentic flat roofs of Kemaliye houses. National and international conservation/restoration principles will be considered in the solution proposal that is intended to be developed in the project.It is possible to improve the existing application techniques with today's technology in order to preserve the originality and authenticity of the traditional structures. It is also possible to develop innovative application techniques while preserving existing architectural properties of the buildings by scientific researches. In this context, in order to ensure rehabilitation, conservation and sustainability of the roof and facade structures, an innovative flat roof application technique is aimed to be developed. In this technique while preserving the architectural uniqueness, a weatherproof roof and cost effective maintenance will be provided.

In the scope of this research, it is aimed to develop a new insulation technique that will replace with the existing traditional temporary insulation technique which is compressing with the log stone. Therefore initially, 1:1 scaled flat roof models will be constructed with the original materials in the laboratory conditions. Various application techniques and materials will be applied on these flat roof models in order to determine the permeability behaviour and the behaviour of these models against frost action. According to the measurements and the test results, the optimum procedure will be applied to the original flat roof of Mehmet Cemil Doğrugüven's house in Kemaliye with the obtained authorization from the relevant conservation board. Afterwards, the appropriateness of the application procedure will be monitored by making yearlong observation under local climatic conditions.

This project that is aimed to preserve the unique flat roofs of Kemaliye houses will be a unique project since it will deliver solution to a basic and common problem. This project has a vital role in order to provide sustainability of local socio-economic cycle in the region. On the other hand, the development of targeted solution for preserving the flat roof is an original and unique research that has a potential to obtain a patent. The flat roof applications predicted to be developed in the project to preserve the original flat roofs will be an example for other studies about Anatolian houses in different configurations which will constitute the widespread impact of the study.