Development of FV Based Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging and Dynamic Energy Management System

Akça H.(Executive), Durusu A., Ayaz R., Şengör İ., Sis S. A., Aktaş A., et al.

TUBITAK Project, 2021 - 2024

  • Project Type: TUBITAK Project
  • Begin Date: February 2021
  • End Date: February 2024

Project Abstract

Demand on electric vehicle (EV) chargers increase with the increase in use of EVs. Wireless charging systems are becoming popular due its safety and practicality. One of the most important issues when EV charger’s use become widespread is its’ overloading to the grid. It is possible to alleviate this overloading by utilizing renewable energy sources. In this project, a 10 kW wireless charger fed from a photovoltaic and grid is developed. A dynamic energy management system is applied in the system to charge the battery uninterruptedly and with high quality.   

 PV system is directly connected to DC busbar that feed the high frequency inverter to feed the wireless power transfer system with low lost and cost. A dynamic energy management system is adopted in the charger. When PV system is inadequate to charge the EV, the system is fed from the power grid. On the other hand, when the EV battery is full, then, the PV energy is delivered to the power grid. The inductive coils in wireless power transfer system are fabricated by winding the low loss litz wires on a ferrite core with various geometries. The level of power transferred between the coils strongly depends on the intensity and the distribution of magnetic field generated by the primary coil as well as the induced current level on the secondary coil. Therefore, novel circular and rectangular flux-pipe coils are proposed in the project and will be designed using electromagnetic simulators.

 The novelty and innovative sides of this project is summarized as follows:

 ·  Feeding a high power wireless power transfer system from a photovoltaic (PV) source and power grid at the same time is quite new and has not been extensively studied in the literature. Controlling the power grid, PV and battery through a dynamic energy management system is a very novel approach.

·  The duty cycle of voltage waveform created by the high frequency inverter is chosen for either maximum efficiency or maximum power. This approach has already been applied to a low power wireless power transfer system by the project team and will now be applied in a high power system via this project.

Success of this project will potentially lead producing commercial wireless charging systems for use in Turkey’s indigenous automobile project, TOGG.