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Artificial Intelligence Based Optimization Studies Staff (AI-BOSS) research group is founded on the basis of the leadership of Prof.Dr. Alev TAŞKIN, Yildiz Technical University Department of Industrial Engineering faculty,  the work of Industrial Engineering based researchers, and aims to bring artificial intelligence and/or optimization based solutions to various engineering problems in academic and sectoral terms.

The works of the AI BOSS research group concentrates on especially the use of technological developments accelerated by the effect of Industry 4.0, for the needs of different sectors such as production, logistics and service, usage of traditional mathematical optimization and machine learning techniques supported by artificial intelligence and deep learning methods to provide more detailed, up-to-date and realistic solutions.

While the AI-BOSS research group brings academic and sectoral solutions to different industrial problems with an Industrial Engineering perspective, continues to work in a wide framework with the participations of researchers from different disciplines and universities on the basis of projects. In addition, AI-BOSS is developing dynamically by aiming to support the education-teaching processes of our undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students to take an active role in projects and to have high experience in both academic and application fields, while at the same time blending their creative and innovative perspectives.