Acoustic Metamaterials Research Group (AMRG) was established under the leadership of Associate Professor Meral Bayraktar from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yıldız Technical University (YTU) and graduate student Caner Baydur from the Department of Physics, Tongji University (TJU). Our group includes interdisciplinary perspectives with professors from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Naval Architecture and Maritime at YTU. Moreover, we have international collaboration with researchers from the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering and Harbour, Coastal and Offshore Engineering at TJU in Shanghai, China. Our research involves theoretical calculations, numerical analysis and experiments on acoustic metamaterials and metasurfaces. While AMRG aims to work on international publication and cooperation on metamaterials, it adopts as a primary goal to eliminate the deficiencies in the Turkish literature. Besides academic studies, we aim to offer innovative solutions to engineering problems encountered in the sector taking advantage of acoustic metamaterials' extraordinary properties.

We give priority to students, who disciplines from Physics, Mechanical Engineering, and Naval Architecture and Maritime, to join us. Most of our studies focus on the theory of acoustic metamaterials. Thus, we are looking for high physics and math level candidates. Nevertheless, we are also welcome students who are specialization in artificial intelligence, architecture, industrial product design, environmental science, and biology. If you are interested to take part in our scientific projects, please feel free to send an email your CV and cover letter.