YTU Research Center for Economic Thought

Research Center for Economic Thought (ReCEcT) aims to increase scientific and social cooperation among researchers with an academic interest in Economic Thought, to provide academic cooperation at the international level, and to contribute to this discipline, especially by creating a meeting environment for young academics. The center attaches credence to the fact that this goal can only be achieved by establishing a reliable and robust environment that can be consulted as a reference for communication and cooperation among researchers in this field. This center will allow the studies in the international field of “Economic Thought” to be carried out more easily to the academicians and researchers of our country, and the studies of “Economic Thought” carried out nationally to international academic centers. The activities of the center are determined and carried out by ReCEcT members. Members’ ideas are specified by interviews, workshops, planned surveys, and messages sent. The center consists of members who want to bring together the studies of “Economic Thought” based on the principle of volunteerism. Researchers and academics working in the field of Economic Thought, those who produced past studies in this literature (such as books, articles, projects) or have lectured on this topic are considered a natural member of this center.