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Temel Bilgisayar Bilimleri 4. Hafta Ders Notları
Lecture Note

4. öğretim haftasında TBB dersinde işlenen sunum notlarını buradan indirebilirsiniz. TBB_W4.pdf Creative Commons License

Introduction to Naval Arch. and Marine Eng. Slide Note #01: SHIP GEOMETRY
Lecture Note

Please find the presentation as an attachment used in the lesson on October 1 (2019). The first and the fifth examples were solved in the class. It would be better for you to repeat the solutions and to take a look to the others. For your questions and/or extra lecture notes, please contact me during the Student Meeting Hours.

GMG_01_GG.pdf Creative Commons License

2019-2020 Fall Semester Weekly Schedule

You may reach to my weekly schedule from here. sduman_program_2019-2020_guz.pdf Creative Commons License