A study on creating a corpus for English language teaching department


Asıl Danışman (Eş Danışmanlı Tezler İçin): Hatice Gülru Yüksel


Nowadays learning a foreign language has become crucial. Therefore, the ELT departments at universities are raising foreign language teachers to supply this need. In order to teach a foreign language a teacher should know all the skills. Moreover she should know the vocabulary related with the language since teaching only the grammar of a language is not adequate to be competent on this field. Day by day, researches have been conducted on the importance of vocabulary teaching and they have been put forward thesis on how to teach more effectively. The aim of this current study is to create a corpus consisting technical vocabulary of SLA and methodology classes at Trakya University ELT Department and to determine the vocabulary profile of undergraduate students via an instrument designed in accordance with that corpus. The study was conducted to 50 subjects at Trakya University ELT Department, in the second semester of the academic year 2006-2007. The subjects were given pre-test at the beginning of the study and they were given the same test at the end of the study as a post-test in order to find out if there was a significant difference between the results of two tests, and to determine the vocabulary profile of the subjects. According to the findings of the study firstly, a corpus was created including the technical vocabulary of the related field via a concordance program. Secondly, a significant difference was not found between the pre-test and post-test results. Besides, the technical vocabulary profile of undergraduate students was determined. Key words: corpus, vocabulary profile, technical vocabulary, concordance program