EFL teachers' perceptions of foreign language teaching competences


Asıl Danışman (Eş Danışmanlı Tezler İçin): Hatice Gülru Yüksel


Foreign language teaching is a multi-dimensional process which includes learners, parents, teachers, school, materials, administrators, resources and educational planners. Foreign language teaching competences which is one of the key factors of effective teaching of foreign languages has been a field of interest for researchers. Both pre service and in service teacher training processes have to be improved continuously in order to improve the qualities teachers have. The purpose of this study was to investigate the foreign language teachers? perceptions on foreign language teaching competences. The data was collected by a 68 item Likert type questionnaire. The population of the study cohorts 150 teachers of English who were working in K-12 schools located in Edirne during the second semester of 2005-2006 academic year. The data were statistically analyzed and after the analysis of data the teachers? perceptions for teaching competences have been described. The teachers seem to perceive themselves competent enough in some teaching competences whereas they also state that some action has to be taken in order to improve the quality of the current foreign language teaching practices. This study may contribute to the current efforts to improve the quality of foreign language teaching in Turkey. The more that is known about effective teaching, the more likely teachers, teacher trainers, researchers and curriculum developers may propose improvements for the improvement of foreign language teaching. Key words: Teaching competences, Foreign language teaching competences, perceptions on teaching competences, TKT.