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Erhan Kurtarir is working in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Yildiz Technical University, with both teaching and research responsibilities, since 2005. He has graduated from METU in 2003. He received his PhD in 2012 from YTU. His PhD research, addressed one of the unstudied problematic of urban planning, "What is the role of place and urban planning in the process of sustaining the cultural identity of minorities and disadvantaged faith groups in Turkey and UK". Recently, he has deepened his researches especially on Urban Refugees and Local Responsibilities.

He has also worked voluntarily as board member in the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Urban Planners in the 2014- 2016 period. He has also supported civil society works in different NGO’s, including minority religious groups foundations and associations, neighborhood solidarity groups and real-estate strategy platforms. He has provided consultancy service to public institutions and also participated different public works of municipalities or state institutions.

His teaching experience in YTU includes; Planning Theory, History of Town and Planning, Planning in the Information Age, Professional Ethics in Urban Planning, Urban Diversity and Inclusive Planning, Urban Sociology,  Urban Planning Studios.

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Faculty of Architecture
Department of City Regional Planning
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