General Information

Institutional Information: Naval Architecture And Maritime Faculty, Department Of Marine Engineering Operations, Gemi Makineleri Işletme
Research Areas: Energy, Fuels and Combustion, Internal Combustion Engines, Thermal machines, Alternate Fuels and Energy Resources, Ship Machines, Fuel production technology


Dr Mehmet ÇAKIR is an Associate Professor at the Department of Marine Engineering at Yildiz Technical University.

He had been as a visiting fellow to research on alternative fueled engine and combustion at Powertrain Research Group of Nottingham University with a TUBITAK International Research Scholarship between 2018-2020. He successfully led various innovative projects supported by TUBITAK and The Ministry of Industry and Technology.

His core research themes are focused on the novel combustion modes in engines, laminar flame velocity measures and visualization, carbon-free fuels and ammonia cracking systems for ICEs.

Dr Çakır is open to enquiries of potential home and international PhD candidates and researchers who are interested in the following research areas

Current projects include:

Software development and monitoring of engine performance for ICEs

Laminer combustion researches for ammonia/hydrogen/methane mixtures

Combustion chamber designs and novel ignition modes

Schlieren imaging and constant volume combustion bomb tests

Computational fluid dynamics modeling of combustion