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Detection of Cervix Cancer from Pap-smear Images

Sakarya University Journal of Computer and Information Sciences, vol.3, no.2, pp.99-111, 2020 (Other Refereed National Journals) Creative Commons License Sustainable Development

A Comparison of Metaheuristics for the Allocation of Elevators to Calls in Buildings

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Micro Bat Algorithm for High Dimensional Optimization Problems

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A Novel String Distance Function Based on Most Frequent K Characters

International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing, vol.4, pp.177-182, 2014 (International Conference Book)

Using Gravitational Force in Terrain Optimization Problems

Social GAU Journal & Applied Sciences, 2013 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Age, Gender and Ethnicity Classification from Face Images with CNN-Based Features

Akıllı Sistemlerde Yenilikler ve Uygulamaları (ASYU 2021), Elazığ, Turkey, 6 - 08 October 2021, pp.1-6

On the Numerical Solution of Nonlinear System of Coupled Sine-Gordon Equations

4th International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICAAM), Mersin, Turkey, 6 - 09 September 2018, vol.1997 identifier identifier

Fuzzy Neighborhood Grid Based DBSCAN Using Representative Points

The Third International Conference on Data Mining, Internet Computing, and Big Data, Konya, Turkey, 21 - 23 July 2016

Feature Engineering in Hybrid Recommender Systems

The Third International Conference on Data Mining, Internet Computing, and Big Data (BigData2016), Konya, Turkey, 21 July 2015 - 23 July 2016

Emprical Study of Dynamic Virtual Bats Algorithm DVBA

Computer Scence 2015, Durres, Albania, 8 - 10 September 2015, pp.236-241

Differential Search Algorithm with Levy Flight

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Dynamic Virtual Bats Algorithm DVBA for Global Numerical Optimization

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Improved Chemotaxis Differential Evolution Optimization Algorithm

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Chemotaxis Differential Evolution Optimization Algorithm CDEOA for Minimization of Supply Chain Cost with Embedded Risk

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Dynamic Virtual Bats Algorithm (DVBA) For Minimization Of Supply Chain Cost With Embedded Risk

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Hızlı Hizalama, Kalın Kenar Bulma Ve Cezalandırmalı Korelasyon İle Türk İşaret Dili Alfabesi Tanıma

Sinyal İşleme ve İletişim Uygulamaları Kurultayı-SIU2007, Eskişehir, Turkey, 11 June 2007, pp.1-5

Turkish Fingerspelling Recognition System Using Axis of Least Inertia Based Fast Alignment

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Clustering Application Benchmark

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Cardiac Problem Diagnosis Using SPECT Images with Statistical Neural Networks

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Cardiac problem diagnosis with statistical neural networks and performance evaluation by ROC analysis

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