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2. Uluslararası Bilimsel Araştırmalar ve Yenilikçi Çalışmalar Sempozyumu, Bandırma, Turkey, 02 March 2022, pp.655-665

Energy System Analysis for Greener Passenger Transportation in İstanbul Strait

26th International Scientific Conference Transport Means 2022, Kaunas, Virtual, Lithuania, 5 - 07 October 2022, vol.2022-October, pp.551-561 Sustainable Development identifier

Optimization of Waterproof Bulkheads in Warships Against Underwater Blast Loads

International Congress of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Ankara, Turkey, 07 May 2021, pp.130-131 Creative Commons License Sustainable Development

Free Vibration Analysis of Composite Laminated Curved Beams by Using Generalized Differential Quadrature Method

International Symposium On Naval Architecture And Maritime (INT-NAM 2018), İstanbul, Turkey, 24 April 2018, pp.231-239

Zimmermann Yönteminin Örnek Bir Demiryolu Hattına Uygulanması

UMTS'2017-Ulusal Makine Teorisi Sempozyumu, Trabzon, Turkey, 5 - 07 July 2017, pp.1-5


1. International Congress on Ship and Marine Technology, 8 - 09 December 2016

3d Analysis of Vibrations Due To Railway Superstructures on a Real Line

3rd International Symposium on Railway System Engineering- ISERSE16, Karabük, Turkey, 13 November 2016, pp.125-132

Dynamic Analysis Of Railway Superstructures Acting On Moving Load

3rd International Symposium on Railway System Engineering- ISERSE16, Karabük, Turkey, 13 November 2016, pp.147-154

Comparison Of Linear And Nonlinear Strain Effects On An Angled Timoshenko Beam FEM Model

ICENS International Conference on Engineering and Natural Sciences, 15 - 19 May 2015

Investigation of Charge Weight and Shock Factor Effect on Non-linear Transient Structural Response of Rectangular Plates Subjected to Underwater Explosion (UNDEX) Shock Loading

International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICNAAM), Kos, Greece, 19 - 25 September 2012, vol.1479, pp.2352-2355 identifier identifier

A Bulk Carrier Hatch Block Analysis With Finite Element Method

7th International Scientific Conference on Naval and Mechanical Engineering (TEHNONAV 2010), Constanta, Romania, 20 - 22 May 2010, pp.1

Fuzzy PID Controller with Coupled Rules for a Nonlinear Quarter Car Model

International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICME 2008), Prag, Czech Republic, 25 - 27 July 2008, pp.1

Two Dimensional Large Eddy Simulation LES of Exhaust Smoke Dispersion around a Commercial Ship

6th International Scientific Conference on Naval and Mechanical Engineering (TEHNONAV 2008), Constanta, Romania, 22 - 24 May 2008, pp.1

Fuzzy and internal model control of an active suspension system for a 2-DOF vehicle model

NUMERICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS: International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, Corfu, Greece, 16 - 20 September 2007, vol.936, pp.151-154 identifier




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