Disinfection By Products Removal by Nanoparticles Sintered in Zeolite

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Kübra U., Noberi C., Coşkun T., Üstündağ C. B., Debik E., Kaya C.

Journal of Clean Energy Technologies, vol.1, no.2, pp.120-123, 2013 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Disinfection process by chlorine has been applying effectively in drinking water treatment processes; nevertheless it causes the formation of THMs which are thought to be carcinogen. Restrictions of THMs had been imposed by organizations in most of the countries. In Istanbul, these limit values were not exceeded in present time, but organic content of drinking water supplies is accreted by the increment pollution on occasion of population growth. This will lead to investigate and apply an extra treatment unit for THM removals. In this study, application of nanoparticle was researched in THM removal from tap water. Nanoparticle used in the process was sintered into zeolite in coin form. The results were promising. It was observed that unsintered form was more effective on removal of THMs than sintered form of α-Fe2O3. Furthermore, nanoparticles in zeolite form advanced the adsorption capacity of zeolite.