Structural Modification of Sol-Gel Synthesized V2O5 and TiO2 Thin Films with/without Erbium Doping

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Gokdemir F. P., Saatci A. E., ÖZDEMİR O., Kutlu K.

ADVANCES IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 2014 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Comparative work of with/without erbium- (Er-) doped vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) and titanium dioxide (TiO2) thin films were carried out via sol-gel technique by dissolving erbium (III) nitrate pentahydrate (Er(NO3)(3)center dot 5H(2)O) in vanadium (V) oxoisopropoxide (OV[OCH(CH3)(2)](3)) and titanium (IV) isopropoxide (Ti[OCH(CH3)(2)](4)). Effect of Er doping was traced by Fourier transform IR (FTIR), thermogravimetric/differential thermal (TG/DTA), and photoluminescence measurements. UV-Vis transmission/absorption measurement indicated a blue shift upon Er doping in V2O5 film due to the softening of V=O bond while appearance of typical absorption peaks in Er-doped TiO2 film. Granule size of the films increased (reduced) upon Er substitution on host material compared to undoped V2O5 and TiO2 films, respectively.