Design, Production and Control of an Ankle Rehabilitation Robot

Postgraduate - 2022 Sustainable Development

Intelligent control of the force and position of a robot manipulator for rehabilitation

Doctorate - 2007

Advising Theses

Physics Guided Neural Network Based State-of-Charge Estimator for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Akdoğan E. (Consultant)
Postgraduate - 2022 Sustainable Development

Elektroensefalografi Tabanlı Beyin Bilgisayar Arayüzü Tasarımı

Akdoğan E. (Consultant)
Postgraduate - Continues

Development of An AI Based Rehabilitation Robot

Akdoğan E. (Consultant)
Doctorate - Continues

Bir ayak bileği rehabilitasyon robotunun tasarımı, üretimi ve kontrolü

Intelligent robotic rehabilitation system for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes

Doctorate - 2018

Design and Hybrid Impedance Control of an Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot

Akdoğan E. (Consultant)
Postgraduate - 2013 Sustainable Development

Design, Analysis and Intelligent Control of a Tumor Prosthesis Extension Module

Akdoğan E. (Consultant)
Doctorate - 2019

Identification of Driver Posture and Machine Learning Based Prediction