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Togan Tong graduated from Yildiz University Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture in 1988 as an Architect. In 1990, he graduated from Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Building Information, Graduate Program. In 2000, he received his Ph.D. from Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture, Building Information Doctorate Program.

Since 1992, he has continued his academic career at Department of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture.

Togan Tong is a Computer Assisted Design Instructor at different Foundation Universities where he is a lecturer of Computer Assisted Design and Modeling, Numerical Simulation Environments and Numerical Architectural Thought, Computational Design, Rule-Based Design, Integrated Design Technologies and Building Information Technologies. Chamber of Architects continues the Digital Design Education Consultancy in Istanbul Metropolitan Branch.

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