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She was born in İstanbul in 1968. She started her carreer by playing recorder in 1981. She attented “International Recorder Master Class” conducted by Prof. Gerhard Braun in Germany in 1985. In the same year, she began practicing on traverse-flute with Prof. Mükerrem Berk. She participated in Guy Cottin’s summer courses organized by MSU State Conservatory in 1986. After graduating from Italian Highschool in 1987, she entered the Undergraduate Program in MSU State Conservatory. She graduated from Prof. Mükerrem Berk’s flute class in 1991. Again in 1991, she was admitted to the Brussels Royal Conservatory. Between 1991-2000 she studied respectively, with Marc Grauwels, Gerard Noack and Etienne Plasman. In 2000 she graduated from Brussels Royal Conservatory and she got her MA degree. She was a solo flutist in Mediterranean Peace Orchestra for 3 years. She is a lecturer and flute teacher at Yıldız Technical University, Art and Design Faculty at the Department of Music and Performing Arts since 2000. She graduated from YTU Social Science’s Institute and she got her PhD degree in music in 2013. She is a member of İstanbul Flute Ensemble since 2016.


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