Revealing Pre-service Teachers’ Mind Maps on STEM Education through STEM Images

Koçulu A., Girgin Ş., Umdu Topsakal Ü.

International Journal of Progressive Education, vol.18, no.5, pp.319-337, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


STEM education (based on the integration of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines) has recently been an integral part of education system and curriculum in many countries aiming to be more technologically competitive in this age of innovation. While the importance of STEM education has gradually increasing in education system with the complexities of today’s world, revealing pre-service teachers’ mind maps on STEM education and preparing them for STEM education is a crucial issue since the readiness of the teachers affects the quality of education. In this context, the aim of this study is to reveal pre-service science and mathematics teachers’ mind maps on STEM Education through STEM images. The research group consists of 6 pre-service teachers (3 of them are pre-service science teachers (PST) and 3 of them are pre-service mathematics teachers (PMT)) who are 4th grade level students from a public university in Istanbul, Turkey. In current research, case study design was used. The data of study were collected through drawings and focus group discussion. The data were analyzed with thematic analysis through Integrated Teaching (IT) Framework. As a result, 41 codes about pre-service teachers’ mind maps on STEM education were determined under 14 categories of 5 themes of IT Framework. The results of this study are crucial in terms of having potential to guide educational policy makers, curriculum developers, researchers and in-service and pre-service teachers about STEM education.