Analysis of an Ocean and Wind Energy Based Pumped Hydro Storage System


World Energy Strategies Congress and Exhibition 2019 (WESCE’19), 26 - 28 August 2019

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In this particular study, ocean current and wind energy options are employed to produce electricity. Here, current turbines and wind turbines, which have the same work principle, are utilized accordingly. In addition, a pumped hydro storage subsystem is integrated into and utilized to provide better sustainability. During night times electricity demand is less or minimum, a particular amount of produced electricity is provided to pump water to the reservoir at the 50 m. Finally, when electricity demand is high, the stored water from the reservoir is utilized to produce electricity by a hydropower turbine. Wind and current velocities of Bosphorus, Istanbul is considered in the calculations. Some parametric studies are conducted to evaluate the system with different variables, including the wind and ocean velocities, turbine blade radius and density of seawater. By designing this kind of system, electricity generation can be provided. 8.8 MW and 12.6 MW electricity power are obtained by 20 wind and 20 current turbines. At night, a flowrate of 17.69 kg/s water is pumped to the reservoir. In the day time, a total of 6.9 MW electricity is obtained by the hydropower turbine.