Matlab Stateflow Based Modeling of MPPT Algorithms

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Durusu A., Nakir İ., Tanrıöven M.

International Journal Of Advancements In Electronics And Electrical Engineering, vol.3, pp.117-120, 2014 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Maximum power point tracker (MPPT) is an important part of photovoltaic system for extracting maximum power from photovoltaic array. MPPT is basically a dc-dc converter. MPPTs are controlled by MPPT algorithms and a number of MPPT algorithms are proposed in literature. Some of the proposed MPPT algorithm is commonly used in applications. In this paper, four commonly used MPPT algorithms (Perturbation&Observe, Incremental Conductance, Only Current Photovoltaic and Short Circuit Current) are modelled with Matlab/Stateflow. These algorithms are tested with Matlab/Simulink model and results are presented.