The Effect of Weld Length on the Tension Capacity of Hollow Structural Section (HSS)

Alemdar F., Salman N.

International Journal of Science and Technology, vol.3, no.5, pp.42-58, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The non-uniform stress distribution occurs in a tension member adjacent to a connection, in which all elements of the cross-section are not directly connected. This effect reduces the member’s design strength because the entire cross-section is not fully effective in the critical section’s location. That's why an experimental study has been done to investigate the effect of the weld length on the tension capacity, two specimens (hollow structural sections) have been tested by using Instron 8800 machine with two weld lengths, 46 mm and 56 mm. The 46 mm size is the minimum requirement of the sufficient size of the tension connection depending on United States Steel Standard. The Result proved that there has been too much effect on the connection carrying tension capacity. The result of the 46 mm weld length is about 155 KN and about 180 KN for the 56 mm weld length. While the ABAQUS simulation results were about 168 KN for the 46 mm weld length and about 172 KN for the 56 mm weld length.