Bamboo Taxa Having Potentials to be Used in Turkey

Var M. , Pulatkan M.

VII. INTERNATIONALORNAMENTAL PLANTS CONGRESS,, Bursa, Turkey, 9 - 11 October 2019, pp.308

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Summary Text
  • City: Bursa
  • Country: Turkey
  • Page Numbers: pp.308



Covering an area of 20 million hectares, bamboos around the world are identified with 60

genera and 1200 taxa, belonging to Poaceae family. They are not natural species in

Turkey, but they have potential to grow in many coastal cities from Hopa to Hatay. Among

that 1200 taxa, only 13 have been used in the landscape design in Turkey. However, there

are hundreds of taxa which can be used for visual and errosion control as well as

aesthetical purposes thanks to the beauty of its stem, leaves, and linear formation.


The main material of this resarch is temperate bamboo and a few tropical bamboo taxa,

which are suitable to use in Turkey, preferred a lot for their color and linearity.

The bamboo taxa suggested in this research were studied in a long time in Japan by the

researchers and it was found out that they are compatible to Turkey‘s ecological

conditions. Also, some additional bamboos are selected because of their aesthetical

beauties after the literature review. Visuals of the bamboos were collected from various

countries, including Japan, China and Korea.


In this research, it is highlighted that 50 taxa belonging to 20 genera, namely Arundinaria,

Bambusa, Bashania, Borinda, Brachystachyum, Chimonobambusa, Chesquea, Fargesia,

Hibanobambusa, Himalayacalamus, Indocalamus, Phyllostachys, Pleioblastus, Pseudosa,

Sasa, Sasaella, Sasamorpha, Semiarundinaria, Shibataea and Thamnocalamus, can be

used in the landscape in Turkey according to their ecological needs, heights and

aesthetical beauties.