2017 Programına Göre Hazırlanan Sosyal Bilgiler 5. Sınıf Ders Kitabının Öğrenme Etkinlikleri Açısından Değerlendirilmesi (Social Studies Prepared According to 2017 Program Evaluation of Grade 5 Course Book in terms of Learning Activities)

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Fidan S., Çelen S., Hayır Kanat M.

International Journal of Social Science Research, vol.7, no.2, pp.326-350, 2018 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Social Studies is a multi disciplinary learning area that aims to adapt the individual to the society in which he/she develops knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to changing world andcountry conditions. The most basic material in theim parting of Social Studies course are textbooks. Textbooks are the most important material that affects the learning level of the students and contributes to the processing of the course. Learning activities constitute the most important part of thetextbooks. Learning activities are the activitiesthat provide th estudentsto be transferred in a planned and controlled way. Moreover, it is of great importance to ensure the active participation of the students in the course. In the present study, the learning activities in the Social Sciences 5th grade textbook, which was adapted to the new curriculumbyre organizing the primary and secondary education programs by the Board of Education of the Ministry of National Education on January 13, 2017, were discussed. Qualitative research method was used to determine the adequacy of activities in terms of compliance with subject gains, to attract students' interest and learning, and the research findings were reached by document analysis. According to the findings, it is determined that there are 7 learning area sin the new Social Studies Curriculum and these learning areas are used instead of units. These learning areas; Individual and Society, Culture and Heritage, People Places and Environments, Production Distribution and Consumption, Science Technology and Society, Active Citizenship and Global Connections. After the investigation, it was found that the textbooks had more space for learning activities in the current system, where there were no student work books