Determination of the Optimum Trim Angle of a Planing Hull for Minimum Drag Using Savitsky Method

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Sancak E., Çakıcı F.

Journal of Ship and Marine Technology , no.220, pp.43-53, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this paper, the minimization problem of the total resistance of a planing hull is studied for a wide range of Froude numbers. The Savitsky method is utilized to calculate optimum aspect ratios and dynamic trim angles of the hull. First, the aspect ratios, dynamic trim angles, and the total resistances of the hull are calculated with the Savitsky method. Then, the minimum drag forces are computed for each vessel speed by changing the aspect ratios systematically. Then, the required trim moments are calculated to find the optimum trim tab angles. The entire calculations are performed by using a Python program. The results showed that trim tabs can reduce the total drag up to 20% approximately. The obtained trim tab angles for minimum drag are demonstrated with figures and tables