The Influence of Ethical Ideologies on Promotive Extra Role Behaviors and Positive Work Behavior of Individuals

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Pekdemir I., Turan A.

International Journal of Business and Social Research, vol.5, no.8, pp.34-47, 2015 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Following the previous studies on ‘extra-role behavior’, this study focuses especially on ‘promotive extra-role behavior’as well as ‘positive work behavior’, and explores of ethical ideologies on them. On that framework, this paper aims to achieve the effect of ‘ethical ideologies’(idealism and relativism) on promotive extra-role behaviors (helping and voice) and positive work behavior. Moreover, we examine the impact of being high and low idealist personality as well as high and low relativist personality on level of ‘helping extra-role behavior’,‘voice behavior’,‘extra-role behavior’, and ‘positive work behaviors’ that individuals exhibit. This paper also aims to explore the influence of demographic variables on helping, voice, and positive work behavior. In order to achieve the goals mentioned, we collected data from 356 MBA students, and used the ordinal logistic regression analysis. Results indicate that idealism significantly correlates to helping, voice, and positive work behavior.