Choices of pre-service science teachers laboratory environments:Hands-on or hands-off?

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Kapıcı H. Ö., Akçay H.

World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, vol.10, no.1, pp.41-51, 2018 (Scopus)


Learning in laboratories for students is not only crucial for conceptual understanding, but also contributes to gaining scientific reasoning skills. Following fast developments in technology, online laboratory environments have been improved considerably and nowadays form an attractive alternative for hands-on laboratories. The study was done in order to reveal pre-service science teachers’ preferences for hands-on or online laboratory environments. Participants of the study were 41 pre-service science teachers who were enrolled in a 13-week course on laboratory applications in science education. Findings showed that more than half of the pre-service science teachers would prefer to use hands-on laboratory environments for both conceptual teaching in their classrooms and to develop their students’ science process skills. The reasons behind their choices are discussed.