Hybrid Solar And Wind Energy Potential Map of Turkey and Cost Analysis of 1 MW Hybrid Power Plants

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Şengüler F., Yumurtacı Z.

International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology-IJERAT, vol.5, no.6, pp.1-14, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


While the need for electrical energy has increased over time, a renewable energy source alone cannot meet this increase yet. In the future, alternative ways of decreasing loyalty to fossil fuels are sought. Hybrid energy is an important step in this regard. Hybrid energy is a good alternative to fossil fuels, due to the high production capacity compared to solar or wind energy alone. In Turkey, investment of solar and wind energy increasing day by day. While solar and wind power getting crucial for Turkey it is important to know how much potential of hybrid energy exists in the country with a map. Purpose of this study is by combining solar and wind potential of Turkey, creating the hybrid energy potential map. In addition, with considering the economic conditions the establishment of a hybrid power plant scenario created. This scenario is aimed to determine whether the hybrid power plant feasible or not. In this regard, solar and wind potential in 81 provinces were determined. By combining wind and solar potential data at the same points, hybrid energy potentials were determined. Then, if a 1MW power plant was established for each province based on the determined hybrid potential data, the cost analysis of the value of the investment was made based on the appropriate economic data. According to the results of the study especially in Hatay in Turkey were found to be quite high wind potential and solar potential at an adequate level. Also, provinces such as Çanakkale and Karaman follow Hatay as high yielding regions. After the studies, Turkey has been found to be a suitable place for hybrid energy. The hybrid power plant, which uses clean and renewable energy sources can reduce fossil fuel utilization rate. So hybrid energy can be an alternative way to save both Turkey and the World. Key Words: Wind, Solar, Turkey, Hybrid Potential Map, Cost Analysis