Analysis on inclusion of social studies economy concepts in coursebooks

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Educational Research and Reviews, vol.10, no.13, pp.1861-1875, 2015 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Having an efficient and satisfactory economy education may enable an individual to actively participate

in decision making process about economy-related issues. This is very important for democratic

societies. This research aims to search methods and levels of teaching "economy" concepts prepared

for Turkey 2005 Social Studies Program in 6th and 7th grades. In this study, 6th and 7th grade social

studies coursebooks taught at schools within 2013-2014 academic year were investigated. Document

review method was used in this research within the scope of qualitative research method. In this

research, primary school 6th and 7th grade social studies coursebooks were used. Content analysis

method was preferred. Economy concepts used in this study were formed according to the research

question; clarified via literature review and pre-reading on books and finalized following expert opinion.

Approximately the same number of concepts takes place in all social studies coursebooks of 6th and

7th grades. It was seen that the repetition frequency of concepts in IMYAY Publishing is more than

MoNE (Ministry of National Education) Publishing. Approximately the same number of concepts takes

place in 7th grade coursebooks. As for the inclusion "economy" concepts, we can say that repetition is

about two times more in coursebooks of MoNE publishing than Anıttepe Publishing. Analyzing 6th and

7th grade social studies coursebooks, it was found that concepts on 6th grade level are more advanced

in terms of the repetition frequency of concepts. According to the results of the research, results

among countries considered to be in economically developing countries such as Croatia, Taiwan and

Turkey are significant. Studies prove the presence of a positive correlation between economy education

and development. It is believed that this study will bring a remarkable contribution to the literature.