On family of the Caputo-type fractional numerical scheme for solving polynomial equations

Shams M., KAUSAR N., Agarwal P., Jain S., Salman M. A., Shah M. A.

Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering, vol.31, no.1, 2023 (Scopus) identifier identifier


Fractional calculus can be used to fully describe numerous real-world situations in a wide range of scientific disciplines, including natural science, social science, electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering, economics, statistics, weather forecasting, and particularly biomedical engineering. Different types of derivatives can be useful when solving various fractional calculus problems. In this study, we suggested a single step modified one parameter family of the Caputo-type fractional iterative method. Convergence analysis shows that the proposed family of methods' order of convergence is (Formula presented.). To determine the error equation of the proposed technique, the computer algebra system CAS-Maple is employed. To illustrate the accuracy, validity, and usefulness of the proposed technique, we consider a few real-world applications from the fields of civil and chemical engineering. In terms of residual error, computational time, computational order of convergence, efficiency, and absolute error, the test examples' acquired numerical results demonstrate that the newly proposed algorithm performs better than the other classical fractional iterative scheme already existing in the literature. Using the computer program Mathematia 9.0, we compare the draw basins of attraction of the suggested fractional numerical algorithm to those of the currently used fractional iterative methods for the graphical analysis. The graphical results show how quickly the newly developed fractional method converges, confirming its supremacy to other techniques.