Desulfurization of turkish lignites by chiorinolýsis

Özbek B., Dinçer S., Kuyulu A., Pişkin S.

Fuel Science and Technology International, vol.8, no.3, pp.271-287, 1990 (Scopus) identifier


The reduction and removal of sulfur compounds from Çan K4 (Çanakkale), Keles (Bursa) and Ağaçli (Istanbul) lignite samples, obtained from mines close to Istanbul, was studied using chlorine gas. Water or mixtures of methyl chloroform-water and carbon tetrachloride-water were used as solvents. Chlorine gas was bubbled through a suspension of lignite sample in solvent for about 1 to 5 hrs. It was observed that removal of sulfur increased with increasing time. Chlorinolysis and the Meyers method were used separately to compare their effects on the reduction of sulfur from Ağaçli and Keles lignite samples. Chlorinolysis was found to be more effective than the Meyers method in the removal of organic sulfur and thus the total sulfur. © 1990, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. All rights reserved.