Social Perception of the Green Roofs in contribution to Urban Sustainability: Istanbul

Sari Haksever T. S. H., Markoç I.

Journal of Developing Country Studies, vol.10, no.4, pp.74-81, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


As a solution to the rapid urbanization problem, green roof applications in urban centers have gained popularity. This study aims to investigate the green roof awareness of the casual users of Zorlu Center located in Besiktas, Istanbul. The social perception of the green roof, which is defined as an urban balcony, -by its architect, located in an intensively used area, has been handled as a case study. Perception enables people to critique, interpret, distinguish, and analyze their environment according to their core values ​​to adapt to the environment. In this study, the perception has been associated with socio-demographic characteristics such as age, education, and attitudes. A field survey, designed to measure the impact of the green roof, was conducted with the 100 users of Zorlu Center. The most significant result of this study is that most of the participants are aware of the need to develop green roofs in Istanbul. This study shows that the commercial environment in the urban area, which has green elements such as the green roof, helps to renew and revitalize the city. It has been found that the green roof application of Zorlu Center attracted the users from the settlements in its close vicinity. The people came to Zorlu Center, especially to this green area, for leisure time activities. The green roof application of Zorlu Center has positively affected the users in terms of physical and mental health. Also, it has been found that green roof applications have a contribution to sustainable urban development, especially in high-density city centers, considering the positive effects on the city silhouette and urban quality of life.