Synthesis and Characterization of New Type Soluble Porphyrazine Containing 3-Phenylpropyl Bromide Group and Investigation of Its Complexes

ERDOĞMUŞ A. , Avciata U. , Guel A.

9th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences, Antalya, Türkiye, 9 - 13 Eylül 2006, ss.383-384 identifier


Oktakis (3-phenylpropyl) porphyrazinato nickel(II), ZnPz(SCHCH2R)(8), Where R = C7H8, was synthesized and its structure and spectral properties were investigated in chloroform. Firstly, Bis(3-Phenylpropyl) maleonitril has been obtained from the reaction of disodium salt, in 3-Phenylproply bromide acetone under nitrogen for 20 hours. MgPz has been synthesized through the cyclotetramerization reaction of magnesium and n-butanol with bis(3-Phenylproplytio) maleonitril. The metal free porphyrazine derivative was obtained by its treatment with trifluroacetic acid and further reaction of this product with zinc(II) acetate led. to the metal porphyrazine (MPz, M = Zn). These new compounds have been investigated and characterized by UV, FT-IR, H-1 NMR, GC-MS and elemental analysis methods.