Daylighting Analysis In Selected Shopping Center Examples and A Horizontal Opening Proposal

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Yılmaz E., Yağmur Ş.

A+Arch Design International Journal of Architecture and Design, vol.9, no.1, pp.52-70, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Designs that can make maximum use of daylight in shopping areas, provide visual comfort conditions for users, increase the work performance and provide economic benefits in addition to healthy and relaxing spaces. In this context, as a method, illuminance level measurements were made at the determined points in the circulation areas of selected shopping centres; Galleria, Flyinn, Profilo and Cevahir AVM, and in line with the results obtained, the shopping center with the lowest illuminance level is chosed and a system design is proposed. In order to examine the relationship between the illuminance levels under different lighting conditions, the natural lighting simulation model of the shopping mall was composed and measurements were carried out for the characteristic dates of the year which are 21 March, 21 June, 21 September and 21 December. The aim of the study is to provide maximum natural lighting efficiency in the space; to provide economic benefits, to increase the workforce in the shopping mall, and thus to increase the satisfaction rate of the users, to ensure the sustainability of the use of the shopping mall. As a result of the study, evaluations were made by comparing the current measurements and a proposal of natural lighting system performance.