A field study on thermal comfort in the shopping malls in a temperate humid climate

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Zoroğlu F., Zorer Gedik G.

A/Z : ITU journal of Faculty of Architecture, vol.19, no.1, pp.103-118, 2022 (Scopus) identifier identifier


Shopping Malls where the number of occupants changes according to the days use the HVAC systems in order to provide thermal comfort. This study evaluated the relation between efficiency of the HVAC systems and thermal comfort conditions in the heating and cooling seasons. The aim of this study is to compare the indoor thermal comfort conditions according to standards. In order to analyze the thermal comfort conditions of two enclosed above-ground shopping malls that have a different HVAC systems, measurements (PMV-PPD) and surveys (AMV-APD) were conducted simultaneously. Occupant density and energy consumption data were taken from the shopping malls. The results show that the cooling season was more comfortable than the heating season in both shopping malls and one of the Shopping Malls has a better thermal comfort and a less energy consumption although it has a higher occupant density. According to the results, suggestions were developed for improving the thermal comfort conditions and reducing the energy consumption.