Photoelectrochemical cells based on emeraldine base form of polyaniline

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Sergawie A., Yohannes T., G nes S., Neugebauer H., Sariciftci N. S.

JOURNAL OF THE BRAZILIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, vol.18, no.6, pp.1189-1193, 2007 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Photoelectrochemical cells (PECs) have been fabricated using the emeraldine base form of polyaniline (EB) as a photoactive material and EU2+/Eu3+ redox couple in methanol as an electrolyte. A PEC with a structure: Glass/ITO/EB/clectrolyte/Pt produces an open-circuit voltage (V-oc) of -0.132 V and a short-circuit current (I-sc) of 0.64 mu A cm(-2) under 50 mW cm(-2) white light illumination from Xe lamp. In an effort to increase the photoresponse, a PEC with a structure: Glass/ITO/EB:Nc-TiO2/Electrolyte/Pt has been devised in which a composite film of EB and nanocrystalline TiO2 (Nc-TiO2) is used as a photoactive material. The cell shows a V-OC of -0.205 V and an I, of 105 gA cm(-2) when illuminated under the same conditions.