Love My Selfie selfies in managing impressions on social networks

Ozansoy Çadırcı T., Sağkaya Güngör A.

Journal of Marketing Communications, vol.25, no.3, pp.268-287, 2019 (Scopus) identifier


This study aims to provide insights on personal branding and impression management practices in the context of sel e production and sharing on online social networking sites (oSNSs). The theoretical framework of the study was constructed according to Go man’s ‘Dramaturgy Theory’ and Belk’s ‘Digital Extended Self’ theory. Four constructs; de-materialization of photography, co-construction of the self, sharing economy of digital media and online social networks, and distributed memory were included in the study. The results of the literature review were further explained according to the production and consumption of sel es. This study provides detailed information about how sel es can be used as a mediator for purposes of self- extension and personal branding. Even though sel es are seen as an everyday activity and a raw presentation of the subject, they also include extra contextual information about the subject. The results of the study exert that sel es shared online can be used as a tool for impression management in oSNSs.