A Study on Demonstration of the Nature of Science in Science Textbooks: History and Philosophy of Science Perspectives

Ayık Z., Coştu B.

Indonesian Journal of Science Education, vol.9, no.3, pp.451-464, 2020 (Scopus)


Many scholars in the teaching of science put forth that the perennial target of science education is to teach the
nature of science (NOS), and science textbooks play a crucial role in the teaching of the nature of science (NOS).
Understanding the nature of science is said to be effective when both understanding science concepts and doing
science. Numerous studies focus on the teaching of NOS. This study investigates the effect of a science content
that is prepared in history and philosophy of science (HPS) perspective on the NOS understandings of pre-service
science teachers. 34 sophomore pre-service science teachers participated in the study. The quasi-experimental
method was used by employing a pre-test, an intervention, and a post-test which is the same as the pre-test. The
intervention involved the presentation of science content from the HPS perspective in six weeks long of discus
sions. Data were collected through a survey that revealed categorical views regarding the characteristics of the
NOS. The results showed that the demonstration of atom theories in the HPS perspective gave a positive effect on
the pre-service science teachers in understanding the NOS.