Gross Alpha and Gross Beta Activity Concentrations in Sediments in Gulf of Izmir (Eastern Aegean Sea, Turkey)

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Kam E., Yümün Z. Ü., Kurt D.

Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society, Section A: Chemistry, vol.4, no.3, pp.889-898, 2017 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The concentration of gross alpha and gross beta radioactivity were analyzed in current sediments of the Gulf of Izmir (Eastern Aegean Sea). The sediments were collected from four different locations where are very wealthy in terms of industry on the coast of the Gulf of Izmir. Each processed sample was determined for gross alpha and gross beta radioactivity by using a low-background counter (Berthold, LB 770 10- channel a-b low-level counter). The obtained results show that natural gross alpha and gross beta activity concentrations in the drilling cores range from 537±77 to 1800±207 Bq kg-1 and 993±60 to 1842±102 Bq kg-1, respectively. These results were compared with previous studies throughout the world, and the study could be a reference data for the future research related to radiological mapping or environmental monitoring in the area.