Research of Spherical Capsule Feeding System in Hydraulic Pipelines

Ulusarslan D.

International Journal of Engineering and Technology, vol.13, no.3, pp.98-103, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Feeding the material to be transported in the hydraulic pipelines to the system is a subject open to research. The shape, size and density of the material gain importance in the selection of feeding systems. Finding the pressure drops that occur in the flow of spherical ice capsules with water is the basis of the research. However, before the measurements were made, preliminary research was carried out on feeding the capsules to the system during the installation of the experimental set-up. In the experimental study with solid particles with the diameter ratios (0.8) and densities (960 kg/m3) with smaller dimensions (d=0.014m), a pipe construction was obtained in which the solid particles are easily fed into the hydraulic pipeline. Experimental study revealed that lower than predicted pressures occur at the point where solid particles are fed into the pipe. This result means a greater pressure drop than the pressure drops obtained in the venturimeter zone with the same diameter ratio. In this article includes a step-by-step method and a sample pipe geometry for studies that require a low pressure zone in hydraulic pipelines. The pipe geometry designed in this study will form a model for the supply systems in the pipelines. The low pressure region is provided with a pipe and flow arrangement without consuming energy.