Novel multi-flux-path axial flux machine with radial poles to utilize the end-winding

Al-ani M., ÖNER Y.

INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS, vol.31, no.5, 2021 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


This paper presents a novel axial flux machine with multi-flux-path poles to utilize the flux generated by the end-winding. The proposed topology consists of conventional axial flux machine albeit of a new set of either stator and/or rotor radial poles located at either the inner and/or outer radius of the machine. These new set of poles utilize the end-winding of the machine, hence, making the topology with reduced end-winding, that is, higher utilization of the winding material. The paper explores different configurations with the radial poles in the stator and rotor at either the inner, outer or both radii of the machine. Using 3D-FEA, electromagnetic and mechanical analyses have been conducted to understand the torque, torque density and mechanical performance of the different proposed configurations. From studying these different configurations, it is found that the radial poles can increase the torque and maintain mechanical safety when they are (1) stator poles located at the inner radius of the stator or (2) rotor poles located at the outer radius of the rotor.