An Analysis for Determination of the Port Position of Samsun in Turkey and Port Air Emissions

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Öztürk O., Turan E.

El-Cezerî Journal of Science and Engineering, vol.7, no.3, pp.1542-1558, 2020 (Scopus)


 In terms of maritime freight transport utilization rate in Turkey it is very low. Samsun city has strategic importance and great potential for maritime transportation. In this study, firstly, the position of Samsun port in the ranking in terms of freight transport in our country and the Black Sea Region was investigated. It ranks first in the Black Sea Region in terms of import and export amounts and the number of ships arriving in Turkish ports, and 9th in the ports in our country. This port has 4% import and 1.5% export volume among other Turkish ports. It is the most important however highly polluted port in the Black Sea region and the ratio of cargo ships is high. For this reason, in the continuation of the study, the annual amount of emissions generated by cargo ships is examined with two different approaches and the annual emission values determined according to these methods are compared. Then, the reductions and differences between applications that reduce energy consumption and emissions are discussed. Preferring higher quality fuels and reducing the time spent at the port are among the methods that can be applied to reduce emissions from ships coming to Samsun ports. The emissions generated by the generators at the port and the exhaust emissions during the cruise should be reduced. It is inevitable for us to make improvements in our ships and ports to minimize air pollution by international regulations and developments. In the numerical examination, it was observed that air pollution caused by the ship could be reduced by taking such measures.