The Re-evaluation of the Function of Television and the Example of Netflix in the Context of Culture Industry and Mass Media

Günay İ. E.

ViraVerita E-Journal: Interdisciplinary Encounters, no.17, pp.296-320, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The culture industry destroys the differences of people through culture, homogenizes them and integrates them with the existing order. In other words, it reproduces the system by shaping people behaviorally and intellectually through mass production and consumption. By using mass media, culture has been rationally integrated with entertainment, standardized and become a part of capitalism. Thus, people forget their pain and avoid thinking and critical approach. The boundaries between reality and actual reality are deliberately blurred by the culture industry and people are trapped in an illusion. Television is important because it is the mass media that transforms culture into entertainment and that people are exposed to the most. Image and representation have replaced thinking and speaking on television. It provides an entertainment framework with programs in the television broadcast stream. While millions of short-term and constantly flowing pictures make it necessary to exclude thought, people become alike and ready to be shaped by having fun. In this study, information will be given about the Frankfurt School, and then the function of television will be tried to be explained by examining the relationship between the culture industry and mass media on the basis of the thoughts of Adorno and Horkheimer.