A Study on the Evaluation of Heating and Cooling Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings for Climatic Zones of Turkey

Mangan S. D., Koçlar Oral G.

Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, vol.8, no.12, pp.2045-2052, 2014 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In Turkey, most of the common type projects of mass production residential buildings are being developed and constructed by TOKI (Housing Development Administration of Turkey). These buildings, in which energy efficient approach has been disregarded for years, cause to gradually increase on heating and cooling energy consumptions. In regards to national economics, it is essential to evaluate energy efficiency and to develop suggestions to decrease energy consumptions in residential buildings. To achieve appropriate solutions, cost evaluation also becomes necessary. Therefore, this paper aims to introduce a study which serves the purpose of producing a choice of energy efficient solutions in order to reduce energy consumptions and energy cost. In this study, different heating and cooling energy efficient scenarios have been developed for a selected residential building, constructed by TOKI, for climatic zones of Turkey. For each scenario, energy simulations have been executed by means of the simulation program—DesignBuilder, the user-friendly visual interface of EnergyPlus, and cost analysis has been carried out by using the net present value and discounted payback period method. As a result, energy and cost effective solutions have been presented and discussed for different climatic zones.