Air pollution modelling of the Calabrian pine forests withered by the Yatagan thermal power plant, Turkey


INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENT AND POLLUTION, vol.21, no.4, pp.400-410, 2004 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The emissions from the chimney of the Yatagan thermal power plant have caused a 3050-hectare forest to wither. Such air pollutants as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and fly ash are carried towards the Bencikdagi Calabrian pine forests on the prevailing north-east winds. To study these effects, the Q-Basic computer program developed for the Gaussian puff model was used with meteorological data provided by the Yatagan Meteorological Office and the pollutant loads formed by the thermal power plant. In the grid system on the map showing the surroundings of the thermal power plant, the concentrations of the pollutants in each grid square were determined. The Yatagan plant has three units containing 9000 mg/m(3) sulfur dioxide, 1800 mg/m(3) nitrogen oxides and 680 mg/m3 fly ash in its chimneys. The minimum pollutant emissions were found to be 100 mug/m(3) SOZ, 20 mug/m(3) NOx, and 5 mug/m(3) fly ash; the maximum emissions were found to be 385 mug/m(3) SOZ, and 77 mug/m(3) NOx, and 25 g/m(3) fly ash.