Digital Health Navigator: Preliminary Work on a Personal Health Assistant Software for All Health Literacy Level Users in Turkey

Tokatlı N., Kömür F. N., Koçak M. T., Kırtay S., Göztepeli G., Gül B., ...More

Artificial Intelligence Theory and Applications, vol.3, no.2, pp.67-76, 2023 (Conference Book)


Today's digital health terminology is actually advanced medical technologies that include computer-assisted therapy, smartphone apps, and wearable technologies. These technologies offer significant potential for improving access to immediate medical care, efficiency, clinical effectiveness, and personalization of many health problem therapies. In this paper, we propose the initial design steps of a personalized health assistant application. The proposed application can be classified as a mobile health app and not a telemedicine application. The idea behind this application is to reduce the physicians' workload in hospitals while providing health care to the community with different health literacy levels by easily using the application when general assistance about any health issues or an overall health and wellness improvement is required.