Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Based Web Services for Geographic Information Systems

Gümüşay M. Ü. , Sahin K.

XXIst ISPRS Congress. Beijing, 2008, Beijing, Çin, 03 Temmuz 2008 - 11 Temmuz 2018, ss.625-630

  • Yayın Türü: Bildiri / Tam Metin Bildiri
  • Basıldığı Şehir: Beijing
  • Basıldığı Ülke: Çin
  • Sayfa Sayıları: ss.625-630



Geographic Information System (GIS) has long been essential tool for governments, environmental institutions, military and others

who depend on geographic information. GIS combines layers of data about a location to create a fuller and more accurate picture of

that location. These data are obtained from different sources in different formats, datum and coordinate systems. The problem of

traditional GIS is to gather all up-to-date data and to process them in the same format and datum. The Internet has changed rapidly

the transfer and dissemination of geographical information. This rapid and enormous development of the Internet technology

resulted in usage of the Internet as a tool for data access, data transmission and access to GIS analysis tools. The combination of GIS

and the Internet offers great possibilities, such as the interactive access to geospatial data, enhancement of the functions of

geographic information, and the access to GIS analysis tools. As a result of advancements in both technologies, Web services come

into view based on Service Oriented Architecture. Web services let applications share data and even use other applications’

capabilities, without regard to what operating system or platform those applications run on.