(T,S)-Intuitionistic Fuzzy Hyperideals of Γ -Hyperrings

Ersoy B. A., Onar S., Hila K., Naka K.

Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, vol.15, no.3, pp.329-3423, 2021 (Scopus)


In this paper, we introduce (T,S)-intuitionistic fuzzy hyperideals of Γ-hyperrings. We study the (T,S)-intuitionistic fuzzy left and right hyperideals, (T,S)-intuitionistic fuzzy quasi-hyperideals and bi-hyperideals in Γ-hyperrings and some related properties are investigated. Regular Γ -hyperrings are characterized in terms of (T, S)-intuitionistic fuzzy quasi-hyperideals and (T, S)-intuitionistic fuzzy bi-hyperideals. We also introduce the (λ,δ)(T,S)-intuitionistic fuzzy bi-hyperideals in Γ-hyperrings and provide some of their properties.